Project Oversight and Cost Control

Indirect responsibility for environmental projects brings potential risks of project misdirection and spiraling cost increases, without the hands-on authority to direct and control the project. Johnson Wright provides our clients with highly experienced personnel to oversee, evaluate and help control costs for environmental projects. Using robust project strategy and management protocols, Johnson Wright brings clarity, efficiency and effectiveness to the table on behalf of our clients. Johnson Wright works with all stakeholders using a collaborative approach that focuses on questions that need to be answered by those with direct responsibility, rather than giving specific direction. This maintains clear delineation of liability for the ultimate management decisions for projects, while creating a more accountable process.

Oftentimes a small change in strategic approach, goal setting, or regulatory interaction can mean the difference between projects that escalate or change direction inappropriately, and those that maintain a cost-efficiency focus. Benchmarking of consultant billing rates, evaluating bid processes and managing change orders can yield cost adjustments that over time result in significant savings. Cost control can be implemented at any stage of a project, but is most effective when it “begins at the beginning”. Reasonable and necessary project costs are the result of the appropriate and effective use of Project Management principles, strategies, and techniques.

Johnson Wright also provides Third Party Administrator services for high visibility, multi-party hazardous site remediation efforts. Johnson Wright serves as the overall project management lead, including evaluation and selection of prime and subcontractors, Responsible Party negotiations, regulatory coordination, report management, community outreach and liaison, and disbursement of common funds for project expenses.