Litigation Support

Johnson Wright provides expert services as background consultants or testifying experts. In addition, Johnson Wright’s highly experienced Principals provide deposition support for opposing witnesses and evaluation of opposing counsel technical strategies. Environmental forensics expertise is incorporated into our approach to identify how and when contamination took place, its extent and impact, and when appropriate – determining a defensible methodology for allocation of damage or damages.

Environmental forensics investigations typically involve the integration of various forms of information: from historical documents and operations designs to field data, chemical/isotopic signatures, and contaminant fate models. These efforts use the best information available in developing a defensible basis for identifying sources of contamination and Potentially Responsible Parties (PRPs) from various types of contamination releases into the environment (soil, sediment, structures, water, and/or air). In addition to evaluating existing information, JWI can design, develop, and implement a sampling and analysis plan for augmenting existing data and improving the site characterization in order to make more robust forensics conclusions.